Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Monster University

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This site will be to have all the short stories for Monster University in one spot, as they are edited and re-released.

Monster University: Set of Short Stories

I watch the monsters day in and day out. They never notice me the lowly human. But I watch them. I know them. I know their weaknesses, their strengths, their desires. They don't think anybody could ever figure it out. Ha! One only has to watch and listen to see what is really going on. Of course, nobody watches. And nobody pays attention to the dying girl. The girl that is quiet and mousy, the girl that doesn’t say two words unless she is in class or spoken too. No nobody notices the dying girl. And because of that I can watch them. Study the monsters. And learn how to kill them. I don't have the strength to kill them. To get rid of the evil that plagues this town. But I hope that someday that humanity won't be lost to them. I hope that someday that someone will have the strength to take them down. But I watch. That is all I can do. Watch and record. And now I want to share this all with you. Share with you how I came to find out how things go bump in the night. And the stories of Monster University. ~Racheal 

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